I'm currently working on a series of paintings inspired by the medieval allegory 'Psychomachia' by the Latin poet Prudentius. The poem describes the conflict of the vices and virtues in a battle to control the soul.


          During their journey, both players attempt to climb seven ladders that represent the virtues, while avoiding the seven snakes representing the vices.  


       I thought I would design a snakes and ladders game to fit around the outside of the panel as the historic version of the original Indian game represents the souls journey through the battlefield. 


          The successful soul is welcomed into heaven by two angels blowing trumpets aside a crowned heart with wings, symbolising the victorious soul.


       I designed the game so each player began their journey at either side of a gilded plaque representing the Garden of Eden, where the ancient serpent sat curled beneath the stylised apple trees.


          The centre of each panel is reserved for the personifications of the vices and the virtues and will hopefully add to the appearance of a medieval illuminated manuscript.